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World's Largest Box of SOUR PATCH KIDS ®




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Picture this: you're running through the sour patch, picking up little sweet n' sour candy kids and eating them up on your way. There's SPK candy everywhere. It's amazing. I mean... it's a dream, right? Well, it could be. Or maybe you just found the World's Largest Box of SOUR PATCH KIDS ®. That's right, contained in this glorious giant candy box is 1.9 pounds of your favorite sour then sweet SOUR PATCH KIDS ®. And the gang's all here: lime green, lemon yellow, orange, red cherry, and even the newbie berry blue. Welcome to the Sour Patch! 100% IRL awesome-ness.

Size: 1.9 lbs (861g).

Model: Amina Mucciolo @studiomucci