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SNL Pete's Famous Large Schweddy Balls




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Whip them out! This Delicious Dish favorite from Saturday Night Live finally exists in real candy form! If you’ve ever wanted to taste Pete’s moist, glistening balls, now is your chance to get your hands on these yummy truffles. Each Schweddy Ball is made of delicious rice crisps, covered in sweet chocolate, and sprinkled with just enough salt to really get your mouth watering. It’s the ultimate gift for any die-hard SNL fan (or anyone who’s always wanted to try Pete’s Famous Schweddy Balls). Mmmm... good times.

Weight: Includes four 1.5 oz balls.

Model: Jordan Doww @jordandoww

Still haven’t had your fill of Schweddy Balls? Check out the original SNL skit below featuring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy: