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At IT'SUGAR, bigger is always better. As the exclusive home to several of the world's largest boxes of candy, IT'SUGAR carries oversized sweets like The World's Largest Box Of Nerds, The World's Largest Tube of SweeTarts, 5LB Gummy Bears, 8 foot long gummy "Party Pythons," and even more. With a passion for all things sweet and overindulgent, IT'SUGAR continues to introduce never-before-seen giant candies to market in exclusive flavors and styles.

With hundreds of throwback treats and nostalgic candy, IT'SUGAR likes to think that time travel is possible. Stores celebrate the fun of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with the unforgettable tastes of the times: everything from the classic Chick-O-Stick and Charleston Chew to fun retro novelties like Pop Rocks and Bazooka Bubblegum.

IT'SUGAR is dedicated to all that is frivolous, overindulgent, and delightfully naughty. Through exclusive partnerships with like-minded brands such as Seventeen and Nerds, IT'SUGAR brings these philosophies to life. Among ventures with fashion and candy brands, IT'SUGAR has also teamed up with Saturday Night Live (SNL) to introduce a line of candy and novelty items celebrating 40 years of the irreverent variety show.