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Mini Candy Sushi




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Sushi anyone? With a side of wasabi? Whether you like sushi or not you are sure to love this sushi - Candy Sushi! Sour belts, marshmallows, licorice, and sour rings make up the sushi - sour, sweet, chewy and definitely not fishy.


  • 2 Candy Nigiri (marshmallow topped with a gummy fish)
  • 2 Candy California Rolls (marshmallow wrapped in a sour gummy belt)
  • 2 Candy Ikura (candy-coated gummy)
  • 1 Candy Uramaki (Sour gummy ring with a gummy bear in center)
  • 2 Candy Koikuchi (licorice)

  • Weight: 3.0 oz. (85g)
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